Daily Artificial Intelligence News Roundup #129

1. Highlights from DataHack Summit 2018 – a Truly Overwhelming and Resounding Success!

These are some questions we had when we started thinking about DataHack Summit 2018. A chance to see artificial intelligence in a way no other conference in India has even shown.
With more than 1,200 attendees from various diverse industries and domains (more than 400 organizations), DataHack Summit 2018 was an unqualified success. Read More

2. Is the Chinese billionaire Jack Ma using AI to create dystopian cities? | Alfie Bown

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3. [1811.10667] Embedding Uncertain Knowledge Graphs

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4. [1811.10670] AI Fairness for People with Disabilities: Point of View

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5. [1811.10804] Movie Recommendation System using Sentiment Analysis from Microblogging Data

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6. China plans to build a deep sea base run entirely by AI

Brand New Colony

Artificial intelligences are about to get a place to call their own — and it’s located somewhere humans are unlikely to want to visit.

According to a story published Monday in the South China Morning Post, scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences plan to construct a research base deep in the South China Sea, and they want artificially intelligent robots to run it.

Robot Explorers

The researchers will reportedly construct the base between 19,685 to 36,100 feet below the South China Sea’s surface, though they’ve yet to pinpoint a specific location. Read More

7. New Intel-Based Artificial Intelligence Imaging Solution to Accelerate Critical Patient Diagnoses

What’s New: Intel and GE Healthcare* are teaming up to deliver artificial intelligence (AI) solutions across multiple medical imaging formats to help prioritize and streamline patient care. By leveraging the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit running on Intel® processor-based X-ray systems, GE Healthcare is accelerating deep learning with medical imaging at the point of care. Optimizations improved performance across models, with the pneumothorax model receiving the most benefit. Read More

8. ICML 2019: Some Changes and Call for Papers « Machine Learning (Theory)

The ICML 2019 Conference will be held from June 10-15 in Long Beach, CA — about a month earlier than last year. To encourage reproducibility as well as high quality submissions, this year we have three major changes in place.

There is an abstract submission deadline on Jan 18, 2019. Read More

9. Student group explores the ethical dimensions of artificial intelligence


Now, amid rising concerns about the spread of fake news, the misuse of personal data, and the potential for machine-learning algorithms to discriminate at scale, people are taking stock of what the industry broke. Into this moment of reckoning come three MIT students, Irene Chen, Leilani Gilpin, and Harini Suresh, who are the founders of the new MIT AI Ethics Reading Group. Who should be liable, Gilpin asked, the engineer who programmed the car or the person behind the wheel. Read More

10. Is there a robotic solution to loneliness and ageing?

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11. Why We Need to Audit Algorithms

Algorithmic decision-making and artificial intelligence (“AI”) hold enormous potential and are likely to be economic blockbusters, but we worry that the hype has led many people to overlook the serious problems of introducing algorithms into business and society. We have a proposal for a good place to start: auditing. We should subject societally impactful “black box” algorithms to comparable scrutiny. Read More

12. North Sea Deployment Shows How Quadruped Robots Can Be Commercially Useful

As much as we like writing about quadrupedal robots, it’s always been a little bit tricky to see how they might be commercially useful in the near term outside of specialized circumstances like disaster response. We’ve seen some hints of what might be possible from Boston Dynamics, which has demonstrated construction inspection with SpotMini, but that’s not necessarily a situation where a robot is significantly better than a human.

In September, ANYbotics brought one of their industrial quadrupeds, ANYmal, to an offshore power distribution platform in the North Sea. Read More