Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Roundup #14

  1. The Artificial Intelligence Assistant That Wants to Help You Shop for Mom on Cheddar
  2. Who’s afraid of artificial intelligence? It could solve many of our nation’s most difficult issues | Fox News
  3. Gene Sequencing
  4. Profiling Top Kagglers: Bestfitting, Currently #1 in the World | No Free Hunch
  5. Google AI Blog: The Question of Quantum Supremacy
  6. How to train your Cheetah with Deep Reinforcement Learning
  7. White House will host Amazon, Facebook, Ford and other major companies for summit on AI – The Washington Post
  8. Robot Dog: Sony Sells Lots of Aibo Bots As It Considers U.S. Launch | Digital Trends
  9. Deeplearning face analysis pipeline conclusions ? Juan Luis Rosa ? Medium
  10. Announcing the first robot-generated movie competition!
  11. Delivery Robots Will Rely on Human Kindness and Labor – Motherboard
  12. Machine Learning: How To Take Hold Of The Latest Evolution In All Things Digital
  13. Biomedical 3D Printing & the Future of Medicine | 33rd Square
  14. Hybrid bio-opto-electronics for AI – O’Reilly Media O’Reilly search Close Menu Open Menu search play facebook twitter youtube-large google linkedin
  15. Analyzing Spotify Song Metrics to Visualize Popular Songs | R-bloggers
  16. Should My Startup be Using Machine Learning and AI?
  17. Great video on Ai
  18. Uber vehicle reportedly saw but ignored woman it struck ? TechCrunch
  19. Welsh police wrongly identify thousands as potential criminals | UK news | The Guardian
  20. Math Explains How Brain Makes Sense of Sounds – IEEE Spectrum
  21. Better AI and processors will deliver breakthrough mainstream drones |
  22. The Automotive Industry Must Focus on Domain-Specific AI Solutions
  23. Creating real life superheroes |
  24. How to rip Humans off? ? the Easy Way (A Guide for AI)
  25. announces on-demand self-driving car service in Texas | VentureBeat
  26. Microsoft launches Project Brainwave for deep learning acceleration in preview | VentureBeat
  27. Microsoft launches Speech Devices SDK for voice control in noisy environments | VentureBeat
  28. Why I say ?please? to Siri ? Lars Leegaard Mar?y ? Medium
  29. Scientists train spider to jump on demand to discover secrets of animal movement | EurekAlert! Science News
  30. Additive Manufacturing in 2040: Powerful Enabler, Disruptive Threat | RAND
  31. Cameras with Artificial Intelligence to monitor railway kitchens ? here?s how it works | The Indian Express
  32. Expert Explains Why Elon Musk Is Dead Wrong About Artificial Intelligence
  33. Deep Insights with AI for Video Analytics ? Sumit Gupta ? Medium
  34. Three dramatic new ways to visualize brain tissue and neuron circuits | Kurzweil
  35. Are You Ready for Office Buildings With Alexa-Like Personalities? | News & Opinion | PCMagLogo.2016 Arrow_Path
  36. Deep Learning and Time To Predict Emojis ? DAIR ? Medium
  37. Ai testimony
  38. What if Sentience is Irrelevant? ? Christine ? Medium
  39. Shutterstock Showcase Plug-In Finds Similar Shots From Google Results | Digital Trends
  40. Hybrid bio-opto-electronics for AI – O’Reilly Media O’Reilly search Close Menu Open Menu search play facebook twitter youtube-large google linkedin
  41. Autonomous trucks lead in self-driving technology | Digital Trends
  42. AI detects patterns of gut microbes for cholera risk: A hundred kinds of microbes out of 4,000 determine susceptibility to cholera — ScienceDaily
  43. How AI Takes Wearables to the Next Level | IoT For All
  44. Skorr Uses A.I. to Measure — and Improve — Social Reach | Digital Trends
  45. Could Robots Be Counselors? Early Research Shows Positive User Experience | News | Communications of the ACM
  46. Are We in the A.I. Revolution? Microsoft’s Build Keynote Hints Possibility | Digital Trends
  47. Microsoft Earmarks $25 Million for Investment in ‘A.I. for Accessibility’ | Digital Trends
  48. Uber Plans To Launch Flying Taxis With Technology That Doesn?t Exist
  49. [1804.09154] DOOM Level Generation using Generative Adversarial Networks
  50. Researchers teach robots to touch
  51. [1805.02241] Acquisition and use of knowledge over a restricted domain by intelligent agents
  52. [1805.02070] Deep Reinforcement Learning for Playing 2.5D Fighting Games
  53. [1805.02264] Automated Diagnosis of Clinic Workflows
  54. Customized neural machine translation with Microsoft Translator – Microsoft Research
  55. Google AI Blog: An Augmented Reality Microscope for Cancer Detection